Type: Residential

Year: 2018

Area: 130 m2

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Status: Completed

Architects: Konstantin Kashchuk, Artem Kostiuchenko

Project ForestL was designed for a family with two children. Initially, the architectural project FL BBQ was developed by ATOM, which subsequently fell into a comfortable interior design for a living. The apartment should have been spacious and bright. The additional request from the client was to create the house using mainly natural materials.

The ground floor comprises a kitchen, a living-dining room, a bathroom with a laundry room, as well as a dressing room. The combined living-dining area has been designed for a family and their guests so they could spend time together in a comfortable place. The spacious kitchen is filled with everything necessary for household chores, there are also hidden storages here. The first floor comprises two children’s rooms, a master bedroom, bathrooms. In addition to the common area and the private rooms, we have designed a guest bedroom and a guest bathroom.

Each member of the family has own room, while guests can comfortably stay in the guest bedroom. At the same time, the ground floor, being a common area, connects the family and its friends together.

The apartment looks more spacious due to the selection of light shades for the house interior. The stone, colors, and textures of furniture elements and finishing materials are selected according to the client’s wishes.

All areas are technically well-equipped both for relax and productive pastime. Comfortable brand furniture from Western designers will serve for a long time. The selection of decorative lighting and household functional-decorative window curtains create an additional atmosphere of coziness.

Upon the completion of the FL interior, a spacious interior is obtained. The house is comfortable for both its residents and the guests.

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