Type: Residential

Year: 2018

Area: 200 m2

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Status: Completed

Architects: Konstantin Kashchuk, Artem Kostiuchenko

Domriy House project was designed for a family with two children. In addition to the common area and private rooms, we decided to add a game room and a personal cabinet. The apartments were supposed to be bright and cozy, but it should still have had enough space for storage areas.

There are two floors in the apartment. On the ground floor, there are a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, and a shower room. On the first floor, there are two children’s rooms, a master bedroom with an adjoining dressing room, two bathrooms, a playing room, and a common lounge area.

The decoration of the rooms combines light wood, textiles, ceramics, metal, and stone elements. They are used in finishing materials, accessories, and furniture details. Glossy surfaces visually expand the space and make it lighter. Art objects and decorative lighting complement the modern design. The rooms are equipped with hidden and open storage areas.

Rooms are made in pastel shades. All areas of the apartments are in harmony. Color accents and prints add zest to the object. The apartments are well-stocked technologically to ease everyday chores. The apartment is designed in a way that all family members can spend time together, but each of them still has enough private space.

As a result, a comfortable dwelling was designed and implemented. The client was always in touch, that`s why the house of his dreams was created on time.

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