Type: Commercial

Year: 2018

Area: 1200 m

Location: Newquay Beach, UK

Status: Completed

Architects: Konstantin Kashchuk, Artem Kostiuchenko

The hotel with twenty-six rooms is located in a popular place for surfing lovers on the territory of Newquay Beach, UK. The condition of the hotel after the previous owner did not meet the client’s requirements, so the main task was to create a new boutique hotel interior in a modern European style with pop-art motifs. The client determined that the facade should remain the same.

Upon the client’s requests, we have expanded the window openings. To make our guests feel as comfortable as possible, we have also decided to create wider and more functional rooms. We have added a lot of light to the place and adorned the rooms with color accents.

The hotel lobby is a combination of brass and agglomerated marble materials. The client wanted to have a floral interior, so we have decided to create a floral ceiling as an imitation of real flowers and complement the lobby with houseplants. The floral ceiling also performs a function of a decorative lighting source and a photo zone for hotel visitors.

Several room options have been created. They complement the idea of the hotel’s lobby – color accents in furniture and the floral motif. The decorative landscaping creates an atmosphere of unity with nature.

The rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. High-quality furniture and materials were selected especially for this project. The client wanted to emphasize that the comfort of visitors was the most important thing for him. The selected furniture, technical equipment, and finishing materials are durable and reliable in operation. These factors are important for commercial projects.

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