Type: Residential

Year: 2018

Area: 100 m2

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Status: Completed

Architects: Konstantin Kashchuk, Artem Kostiuchenko

The Sherwood apartment is located in a European-style complex in Kyiv, Ukraine. The apartment was designed for a young couple. The client asked for a laconic design in European style with the use of combined spaces. Large windows should conduct enough daylight into the interior of the apartment.

The object combines the following materials: wood, metal, stone, and textile. Each material contributes its own natural color and texture to the apartment’s various zones. The wood of dark and light shades used in the flooring became the dominant material here, it is also used in furniture and decor elements. The stone of light shades is used on the walls, in furniture, and in decorative partitions that divide the bedroom and shower area. The living room, kitchen and dining areas are visually divided with the help of furniture. The apartment maintains a holistic appearance through repeated use of the same decorative materials in all the rooms.

The living space is technologically well-equipped in order to simplify day-to-day life. The rooms combine open and hidden spaces used for storage. Artificial and decorative lighting complements the space and creates a comfortable living atmosphere. High-quality furniture from famous brands and local designers was selected for this project. At the request of the client, the windows should be able to block all external daylight when it’s needed.

Thanks to the client’s trust, responsiveness and  our constant communication, the Sherwood project were designed and delivered on time.

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