Type: Commercial

Year: 2017

Area: 180 m2

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Status: Completed

Architects: Artem Kostiuchenko, Konstantin Kashchuk

The client reached out to us with a request, which included the search for a location, development of the design project, full implementation of the project, and its branding. The branding was developed together with the graphic design studio RAZOM. The main requirement was to create a bright functional space for school students.

“Progress” contains five lecture rooms, a reception area, relax area, a bathroom as well as a workspace for students and staff, and a cafeteria. The lecture halls are separated from each other with the soundproof glass partitions. The white color was chosen as the main color of the school space. Emerald green and pink correspond to the branding color of the school.

The main chosen materials were granite, brass, and textiles. During the implementation, we decided to use granite in the entrance and the lobby area as well as in one part of the café. The green plants freshen up the school and create harmony with the main colors. Art-objects in the form of inscriptions carry a motivational message for the students.

The layout and details of the school space are selected in simple and calm colors so that nothing could distract the students from their learning process. The interior is mainly filled with furniture of Ukranian interior designers, whereas the lighting units are from both local and foreign manufacturers. While developing the project, we have decided to integrate a cafeteria into the school area. The design of the Progress Café follows up on the design idea of the main area. The Café is modern and stylish.

Thanks to the constant interaction between the ATOM team and the client, the project was fully executed in only 40 days.

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