Type: Residential

Year: 2019

Area: 100 m2

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Status: In developing

Architects: Artem Kostiuchenko, Konstantin Kashchuk

The NKZ project is located in a private complex in Kyiv, Ukraine. The end of the project is planned when the construction of the whole complex is finished. The two-floor apartment is designed for a young couple with a kid. The design project was created according to the client’s dreams about a splendid comfortable home for the whole family. The clients wanted to see natural wood as the dominant component in their living space.

The entrance hall, with several hidden storage areas, guides to a common area – kitchen, dining room, and living room. The stylish kitchen-dining room in gray shades and the living room are divided by a functional zoning partition, which also encloses the stairs to the first floor. Turning to the right from the kitchen area, the passage leads to the living room in bright sandy shades. To the left of the functional zoning partition, there is a bathroom behind the grain bath. The first floor of the apartment combines a children’s bedroom, a master bedroom, and a bathroom.

Sandy and wooden shades are combined with metal tones. Red and orange colors in textiles add contrast to the basic colors of the apartments. The houseplants adorn the rooms and add liveliness to the whole apartment.

The furniture here is made by world-famous brands. Quality and durability played a key role in the selection of furniture and materials. Decorative accents in the form of lamp-lighting and art-objects create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. The NKZ space combines hidden and open storage areas in several rooms, both for storing household items and for decor elements. All rooms are filled with technical equipment for comfortable everyday use.

Thanks to the client’s responsiveness, it was possible to quickly create the design of the project and start implementing the NKZ Apartment into reality. We plan to complete it by the summer of 2020.

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