Type: Residential

Year: 2018

Area: 180 m

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Status: Completed

Architects: Konstantin Kashchuk, Artem Kostiuchenko

The Old Podol Apartment is located in the historical part of Kyiv. This spacious apartment has been designed and implemented for a young couple. As frequent visitors of the European countries, they wanted to live in a modern, stylish apartment with a slight touch of the Parisian interior.

Arched window openings, high ceilings, a restored parquet straight from Paris, sculpting on the walls, and art-objects create the very desired atmosphere of France. The apartment stays modern due to the technical equipment and selection of the furniture. The place is filled with everything necessary for a comfortable life.

Taking into account the client’s wishes, the common area is designed as a combo-zone of a kitchen, dining room, and living room. There is also another combo-zone of a master bedroom, bathroom, and dressing room. Zoning of all spaces is carried out mainly with the help of decorative and furniture elements. Between the bedroom and the living room, there is a place for a private office that combines everything necessary for productive working.

The important element of the Old Podol project was the emphasis on colors and good lighting. The main white color was complemented by natural shades of wood, stone, and metal. In addition to the main lamp-lighting, the lounge atmosphere is created by decorative light sources by the world’s famous brands.

In the end result, the client gets a classic apartment with some modern accents. The highlight of the apartment is the combination of several zones and due to this, the preservation of the effect of spaciousness. Thanks to the client’s responsiveness and constant communication, we have designed and implemented the Old Podol project according to the client’s wishes still meeting the deadline.

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