Type: Relax Zone | Residential

Year: 2019

Area: 207 m2

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Status: In developing

Architects: Artem Kostiuchenko, Konstantin Kashchuk

The client’s request was to create a so-called modern men’s relax area. The design project has been developed and is currently under construction. The main mission for the project was to build and equip a garage, which would perform a function of a recreation area as well, additionally accommodate a billiard room and a swimming pool. Along with this object, the DHouse residential cottage is also being developed for this client.

The object is a three-floor building located on the territory along with the DHouse residential cottage. There is a swimming pool with a sauna on the ground floor of 73 sqm. The first floor contains a garage and a relax room with an area of 63 sqm. The billiard room is located on the second floor with the same amount of sqm on the previous floor.

The relax area is designed in a laconic modern style. The use of wood, stone, textiles, and metal elements give the space its natural shades and create different textures.

The furniture harmonizes with the general mood of the zones and creates an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Long-term high-quality and easy-to-care materials have been selected for this project. Additionally, the rooms are filled with decorative lighting, storage areas, and necessary technical equipment.

All parts of the DomriyG project are currently under construction by our ATOM team. As a result, we expect to get a spacious object to relax, made for long use. The implementation of the project is planned for January 2020.

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