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    Sequence of work on the project

    • 01
      Acquainting Meeting

      Stage of acquaintance of command and client : design review, ideas and forming of tasks for planning. Forming of tasks provides the maximal productivity of implementation of the subsequent stages. The stage determines to the role and responsibility, and also cooperation between a client and command. For a client, understanding is created to whom and with what queries to apply, and what responsibility is born the by a certain department.

    • 02

      There is a selection of a few variants of by volume of-spatial decision of object and planning on the second stage. The examples of interior and architecture sneak up under the talked about preferences of the client. One of the variants, or combination from a few will become the basis for further work.

    • 03
      Room Visualization

      The stage presents the evolution of conception in the detailed design. Preliminary decisions are passed to the designers and engineers. Preliminary materials of finishing sneak up and the first photorealistic visualizations are executed. A few variants of materials are offered, with pointing of order of prices. Acquisition, and also organization and realization of tenders, is executed properties and equipment. A list of necessary documentation is made.

    • 04
      Working Draft

      On this stage there is a process of integration of engineering decisions in architectural drafts, knots and details are developed, specifications get ready. Engineering charts, drafts and specifications, are additionally executed. Stage of finalized since engineering divisions are executed and passed in work. Control collation of all drafts is conducted non-standard knots and continuities are worked over, the final version of drafts prepares for subsequent building.

    • 05
      Construction Preparation

      After claim of design project and to him adherent, the developer meets with a client for planning of realization. Collection and preparation of initially-permissive documentation are produced. Set of documentation is varied depending on setting of object private, architectural or commercial project. Pre-project works and engineering technical researches pass a check back for subsequent development of commercial or architectural project.

    • 06
      Budget and Project Documentation

      The stage contains the repeated miscalculation of cost of project works and drafting of final budget. Initializing of tenders is conducted for the choice of the best contractors. It takes place in drafting of agreements on building-repair works between a client and developer, similarly between developerand by contract organizations. Claim of budget, volume and terms of works is produced.

    • 07
      Schedules and Organization

      The stage is implied in itself by drafting of chart of realization of project and acquisition determination of critical way and control points. Control of performing contract with a contractor: terms, payment, quality of works, in accordance with a contract. Control of implementation of chart of realization of project : timely collection of ТT from an architect and initializing of necessary agreements, correct by turnness of implementation phases, photo-documentation of processes. The chart of architectural supervision is made: planned departures on an object, control of accordance of implementation of design solutions, decorating. Accounting before a client is an account of finances, reports for a week and planning of month.

    • 08
      Completion of the Project

      Finishing stage on completion of building processes, final quality control is produced. The complete package of documentation is given about putting of an object into an operation for commercial and architectural projects. Questions in regard to warranty service comes into question with a client.

    Interior Design

    It is an integral part of the interior space arrangement. The main thing here is the comprehensive approach, covering not only development of a design project and selection of high-quality materials, but also observance of modern trends in space design. 

    We offer turnkey interior design development – the service includes creation of a sketch based on the measuring plan and the customer expectations, high-quality 3D visualization, development of a detailed plan, preparation of specifications for equipment, utilities, lighting, furniture and decoration. 

    There is also an author’s supervision option – with control of all the repair and finishing works for compliance with the project. As a result, you will get a reasonable design, where everything is harmonious and functional.


    A good presentation of an architectural project increases its cost several times! This is an excellent solution to attach individuality to your house and make it more stylish! The service includes development of the facade and adjacent territory design, sketchy space zoning and several visualization versions, which allows the customer to choose the most successful one. 

    We draw up a complete specification of all the necessary works and decorative and finishing materials, develop the color concept, the arrangement of lighting fixtures, paths and other exterior elements, thanks to which the design becomes really comfortable and stylish. 

    We are also preparing a full-fledged section of the Architectural section (AR) and the constructive section of the Site project (WP).

    Houses construction
    from 600$/m2

    The ATOM studia company carries out the construction of turnkey houses in Kiev and the region from bricks, ceramic blocks, aerated concrete and SIP panels. The work is carried out in strict accordance with the established norms and standards.

    The ATOM studia team of specialists performs the work with professional precision on time. Each stage of construction takes place under the supervision of technical supervision and the chief architect of our company.

    We create and implement individual projects. Our experts will advise you on how best to arrange everything for a comfortable and optimal use of space. We will help you build a turnkey cottage that will meet the customer’s requests.

    Comfort, functionality and sustainability are the three criteria on which the work process is based.

    Apartment renovation
    from 400$/m2

    The implementation of a construction project is always a complicated but interesting process, and the main condition for its successful completion is the participation of a professional construction brigade. Professionals experienced in all the construction processes, using new technologies and up-to-date materials, perform their tasks to a high standard of quality and in due time.

    We will make an overall turnkey repair, including all the necessary steps: wall and ceiling leveling (plasterwork, priming, filling), floor cement screeding and flooring, water supply and drainage piping, installation of underfloor heating and a heating system, partition dismantling/assembling and wiring.

    Everything that is needed to implement the project – from start to finish – will be done quickly and according to the rules!


    Design studio services ATOM studio

    Design studio Atom: services

    Architectural design and construction-works turn-key, booked for one performer – it is a guarantee that a result exactly will not appear an unpleasant surprise. A command design studio Atom gives the complete complex of services, including development of the project and his realization.

    What design can you order for us? We work on registration of accommodation – private houses, cottages, apartments, and also commercial and administrative apartments, including offices, shops, restaurants, bars, café.

    What do we offer? Complex decision of architectural tasks of different complication. Work is conducted in a few stages, that allows to organize careful control of implementation of all works.

    Every service is in art studios Atom – it is the work of command of professionals, having both necessary knowledge and practical experience. Become acquainted with our already realized projects – examples are placed on a web-site.

    As work is conducted in the design of studio Atom – we begin any collaboration with an acquaintance and grant of complete information about the given services. On this stage the basic idea of project will be formed, conception of work is made, certain to the role and responsibility of all parties.

    The stage, the following implies consideration of all variants of future design. We will study your ideas, will offer the own variants of decision the set problem taking into account preferences and customer wishes. The chosen variants will be traced, we will pick up a few decisions on materials, will work out a plan and list of necessary for realization documentation implementation of works.

    Further work of specialists – development of project, drafting of drafts, claim of detail design, collection and drafting of necessary documents, receipt of permissions, claim of budget and terms of implementation of works. After the decision of all preparatory tasks we will begin embodiment of ideas in life. On completion of all repair-building works quality of the executed repair control and handing over of object are necessarily conducted in exploitation.

    Why it is needed to order services in the design of studio Atom

    There are a few sufficient causes to order the design of interior in art studios Atom:

    • cost – the cost of complex implementation of works will always be below than that is formed by rates for different performers;
    • creative – we behave to development of project taking into account customer, modern tendencies and professional works, allowing to create unique spaces, wishes;
    • quality – we work over every stage of collaboration carefully, carry out control of technical work, decisions of questions with documentation, repair works;
    • we will help to save the most valuable resource – your time.

    Design a studio Atom is located in Kyiv, but we work on all territory of Ukraine. Contact with us on-line or by phone for the concordance of details of collaboration and setting of the acquainting meeting.

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